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Medical Day

Winter Growth’s staff intensive Day Programs have a 1:5 ratio, which allows participants to benefit from activities that meet a wide range of interests, abilities, and therapeutic goals. Participants benefit from our age and ability appropriate daily exercise classes. Strength and balance are increased or maintained and this has a direct correlation in decreasing falls. Each day participants engage in multiple brain fitness activities which maintains cognition levels. Everyone has a voice in deciding what programs will be offered during the day based on their specific interests.

The program runs from 9am to 3pm, Monday through Saturday, and participants can attend anywhere from two to six days a week. If you need longer hours, you can always take advantage of Winter Growth’s Respite Care Program, and if transportation is an issue, that’s covered, too.

Interested in joining us at Winter Growth? View pricing information and get a jump start on the application process by downloading our Medical Day Program, Assisted Living, or Respite Care packets.


Cognitively Alert Participants

We’re committed to the intellectual interests of our participants, and our daily activities are aimed at both life-long hobbies and exploring new ideas. We’ve got groups that focus on current events, music, history, world theology and philosophy, technology, poetry, drama, travel, museums, and shopping. We’ve designed programs that provide mental challenges, mitigate limitations from chronic illnesses, and provide very necessary social contact.

Participants with Dementia

We’ve been helping people with dementia for over 35 years, and in that time, we’ve discovered different ways to engage people who have already lost their communication skills. We’ve learned to gently distract rather than confront a participant when he or she is confused. We’ve learned the value of busy hands in calming restlessness and stimulating remaining brain function. We’ve seen the benefits of using familiar objects, aromas and music in our programs and activities. And, most importantly, we know that each participant’s abilities and associated behaviors are unique, and we’re committed to programming that supports each person’s highest potential for cognitive function and slowing his or her decline in mental and physical function.

Want to see what a normal day is like here at Winter Growth? Check out our list of activities at either the Columbia or Olney centers.


Winter Growth’s nursing staff can support our day participants while at our program. Assistance with diabetic and other medical issues is available throughout the day, and for individuals needing more help, we have certified nursing assistants who can help with any personal care needs.

Health monitoring of clients with advanced dementia takes experience and skill. Observing and identifying symptoms of those who are unable to communicate well make our nurses an invaluable resource for families and physicians. Six to eight hours of daily professional observation saves many emergency room visits. Developing problems are most often identified before they become a crisis, avoiding unnecessary stress on both our participants and their families.


Social Services

Our social workers know well that no two people or families have exactly the same situation. By using resources both within and outside of Winter Growth, they’re able to help create individual care plans that meet everyone’s unique needs. Supportive services may include counseling (individual, group, or family), caregiver support meetings, and assisting new day participants and residents as they adjust to the centers’ programs and services. Everyone here focuses on creating the highest program value for each of the participants and residents we serve, and social service support is a key piece of the puzzle.


Targeted Fitness Program

Physical activity is critical in maintaining function at any age, and we’ve developed a Targeted Fitness Program that focuses on overall body strength, body mass index, aerobic endurance, overall flexibility, agility and dynamic balance, and aerobic endurance. Each participant is evaluated by our staff and receives a personalized fitness program that focuses on his or her particular strengths and weaknesses.

A remarkable level of motivation from participants in this program has resulted in significant gains in physical fitness. In fact, our therapist has been surprised by level of commitment he’s seen, and he credits the encouragement of activity staff and the cheering from friends as the motivator — the atmosphere is truly electric when participants attain a new level of physical competence.


Meals and Snacks

Lunch at Winter Growth is a social activity that participants look forward to each day, and to help make sure that it’s also delicious, our cooks check in regularly to see which foods don’t make the cut. Each meal is reviewed by a dietitian to meet current nutrition guidelines, and we are able to provide meals that meet many dietary guidelines including diabetic, lactose-free, and more. Plus, because participants may have special needs, we also pay attention to who might need weighted utensils, plate guards, or other assistive equipment – we want everyone to enjoy their meal, after all.

A hot lunch is served at 1pm each day, and snacks are provided at 9am, 11am and, for any respite care participants, again at 3:30pm.

Want to see what we’re serving this month? Check out our online meal calendar.


Escorted and assisted transportation is available to and from the centers for Day Participants. Our fleet, which includes both large and small handicap accessible vans, is inspected by the State twice a year for safety, and a Transportation Coordinator at each center assures that all appropriate repairs and routine maintenance are completed.

We also offer transportation for both medical and non-medical trips — physician appointments, shopping trips, hair styling appointments, etc. Our drivers are willing and able to accompany anyone who requests this escorted service.

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