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Funding, Donors, and Grantors

Winter Growth is a 501(c)(3) fee for service organization. Regardless of financial status, Winter Growth strives to provide services to families at fees lower than most quality programs. We are constantly looking for resources that will assist individuals of moderate and low income to pay our fees.

Funding Sources

Private Pay (our largest funding source)
State and Local Government Grant Subsidies
Private Foundations and Community Donated Subsidies
Senior Care
Foster Care Subsidies
Long Term Care and Workers Compensation Insurance
Veterans Administration Subsidies
The Montgomery Co. Senior Nutrition Program and the Child and Adult Care Food Program also provide operating funds.

Private Donors ($500 and above)
*Recurring Donations

Michael Adams
Thomas Benedict*
Steven Benjoar
Nicolette Borek*
Kathleen Burton*
Jacqueline Carmichael
Country Gardens Assisted Living, Inc.
Darnestown Presbyterian Church*
Ingeborg Dean*
Karoline Dunne
Connie & William Fourney*
Betsy Francisco
Agnes Glass*
Gary Glisan
Hamel Fund (Ed & Fern Hamel)*
Rosemary Horstman*
Henry & Thomas Hyde
Jill’s Cookie Cart
Stephen Kaufman
Diane Kimble**
Michael & Gail Kujawa**
Kathleen Lockhart*
Patrice and Paul Mangus
Ellen Masciocchi*
Alice McGowan*
Carolyn and Leslie Roslund*
Heather Schwartz*
Herbert Somers
St John Evangelist RC Church
David Rowland*
James Truby
Dee Dee Walsh
Jeff Wallop*
Robert & Betsy Witte*

Recurring Donors

Deborah Allen
Patricia Ames
Marsha Ansel
Kendall Anthony
Tony Avedisian
Irene Babish
Richard Barkanic
George and Anne Barker
Thomas & Laurie Barthold
Gracie Bennett
Lynette Berkeley
Elaine Bichy
Anne Brusca
J W Borders
Paula Bowen
Marge Burba
Charles Butler
Barbara Callander
Joan Carino
Ken Christie
Jessica Corrigan
Brad Closs
Stephanie Cramer
Carol & Richard Cusick
Debbie & Stephen Dang
Sally Davies
Linda Dolan
John & Stephanie Donahue
James & Darla Dugan
Charlie & Ann Fiore
Janet & Robert Freeman
Asher Gerecht
Robin Golberg
Loraine Griffith
Cheryl Greaux
Barbara Guiffre
Dennis & Mary Jane Heinbuch
Susan Hellerman
Lorraine Johnson
Lori & Hal Kassoff
Anna Katz
Leslie & William Kelso
Russell Kempner
Nancy Kozlowski
Patricia Lawson
Lois Loen
Bob & Marian Long
Mary & Thomas Lorsung
Frank Lozupone
John & Sally Lukasiewicz;
Patricia and Paul Mangus
Karen Martin
Carla & Tim McCartin
Thomas McIlrath
Pat & Alan Mclaine
Richard & Ann McNulty
Lavoia Mack-Miller
Lucinda Mullaly
Shelley Neels
Linda Nishioka
Craig Parker
Peggy Paris
Ray Puzio
Chris & Cyndi Rogers
Ann Leslie Rosenblatt
Tom & Mary Rosewag
Wally Barrett-Scholl
Beth Schuster
Steve Sherman
Artha Jean Snyder
Nikola Sorak
Eliot Striar
Steven Strunk
Janet Styles
April & David Tayman
Ginny & Charles Thomas
Amity Tripp
Jim & Verity Truby
Thomas Wallace
Jeff Wallop
Fetina Ward
Genie Wessel
Nancy Whitelock
Kathleen Wragg

Grantors (**Multiple Years)

Support for our programs have been provided by the following organizations:

The Richard Eaton Foundation, Inc**
Community Foundation of Howard County**
Howard County Community Service Partnership**
Central Maryland Regional Transit Corporation**
Office of Health Services**
Montgomery County Council Grant
DHHS Community Services Grant
Rotary Club of Columbia-Patuxent**
Rotary Club of Columbia Town Center**

In-kind Donations

Columbia Town Center Rotary Club-gardening
Milltown Quilters
Kay & Fred Dorsey-gardening

Our social service staff is experienced in helping families apply for government assistance, and will also help with the documentation needed to apply for any available private foundation subsidies.

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